Do carbs at night make you fat?

We are all looking for that one simple rule which will be the key to losing weight off. One fad  diet after another we tend to forget the basic fundamentals of fat loss.

We have to remember that all these “new diets” eat clean, low carb, sugar free, 5:1 diet have one main goal. To reduce calorie intake.

Does meal timing matter?

When you eat your meals should firstly come down to preference and lifestyle. I don’t think you should be forcing yourself to eat breakfast if you don’t like eating breakfast. Breakfast won’t suddenly make you lose that extra 10 pounds unless it is making you eat less at other periods of the day. If you really like eating most of your calories in the evening then do that. You just have to figure out the best way to keep within your daily calorie budget. We need to be aware that carbs at night and skipping breakfast wont make you fat but there is no doubt that working on better eating habits can help with your diet.


It is a good idea to eat around your workout for performance, recovery and muscle building benefits.


Eating carbs around an hour before your workout will provide you will extra energy so you will perform better in your workout. This is particularly important when you are lifting weights as it will enable you to lift heavier weights enabling you to progress.

Pre-workout protein can also be a good idea as it puts your body in an anabolic state to build muscle. It does this by spiking the amino acid levels in your blood. Whey protein is generally a good idea for pre-workout protein as it is fast absorbing.

If however you have eaten your last meal within 1-2 hours of training then there is no need for a pre-workout snack.


Carbs help prevent muscle breakdown after exercise. They produce a spike in insulin levels which produce an anti-catabolic effect which decreases the rate of protein breakdown after exercise.

Protein post workout has proven to stimulate more protein synthesis than at rest which will help your body build muscle. Whey is a good post workout protein as it is fast absorbing.

The bottom line is that carbs don’t make you fat no matter what time of day you eat them and eating breakfast won’t make you thin. It’s all about total calories. It’s up to you to figure out at what time of day you enjoy eating. However, eating protein and carbs pre and post work out is a good idea to maximise muscle growth. Post workout being the most important of the 2.

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