The I CAN diet: Four easy actionable steps to kick start your weight loss journey

It’s Monday morning and the diet starts again. No more chocolate, no more crisps, no more carbs etc etc. The problem is that the more you think about the things you can’t have the more you want them and when the weekend rolls round you eat back any progress you might have made in the week. If I told you to not think about a pink elephant then all you would be able to think about is a pink elephant. The same goes when you are trying to diet. First of all we need to understand the fundamentals of weight loss.

When it comes to weight loss, foremost we are trying to reduce our calorie intake.

With this in mind instead of putting yourself on a restrictive “I can’t” diet focus on the I can. Instead of saying I can’t eat chocolate again think I can eat green veggies with every meal. Here are 4 things you can do this week to kick start your weight loss journey.

I can number 1.

Eat green veggies with every meal

I know you have heard it 1000 times but aside from being healthy eating veggies and fruits allows you to eat the same volume of food but less calories. This way you will be achieving the same end goal of calorie reduction but without the deprivation of eating less.

I can number 2.

Eat protein with every meal

A high-protein diet is easier to stick to when in a calorie deficit because it results in less mood disturbance, stress, fatigue, and diet dissatisfaction than lower-protein diets, and improved dietary compliance means better fat loss results in the end.

I can number 3.

Prepare for your less motivated self

The more decisions you make in advance for your self the easier it will be to stick to them. It’s much easier to have a healthy dinner if you have already prepared it or at least part prepared it. This is my best advice for staying on track.

I can number 4.

Educate yourself about food

I think the best way you can do this is by tacking your food. When you track your food you start to learn about calories and macro nutrients. You can teach yourself how to fit foods you love into your daily calorie allowance. You make shocking discoveries like the amount of calories in a tablespoon of olive oil or the amount of fat in bean sprouts! Once you are equipped with this knowledge you can then decide where you want spend your calories and you won’t be confined to a restrictive diet for the rest of your life. You don’t have to track forever but then once you learn you know you can always go back to it if you feel yourself getting a bit out of control again.

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