My favorite learning resources

When you first embark on your fitness journey it is very hard to know where to get good quality information. There are so many new diets and different exercise plans out there who’s information should you trust? I have complied a list of my best go to information resources to help you find good quality information.


  1. Mike Mathews at Muscle for Life. Mike is my favorite author when it comes to anything to do with body composition (losing fat and gaining muscle). His website is great when there is something specific you want to understand. For example “what supplements are worth taking?”. He won’t just give you the answers but also explains why. I have read his book “thinner leaner stronger” and for someone starting out with weight training I think it’s the perfect place to start. It takes all the ambiguity out of weight loss and gives good practical advice about weight lifting for beginners. Mike also had a podcast which is how I found him in the first place with really great information and really good guests.

My favorite article from Mike The Definitive Guide to Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Experts and Researchers

  1. Eric Helmes is the creator of the muscle and strength pyramids for nutrition and training. Helmes in highly credited within the industry for this science based yet practical philosophy when it comes to training and nutrition. His pyramids illustrate perfectly the order of importance when it comes to making progress with your physique goals and isn’t only relevant to bodybuilders but anyone looking to build a physique.
  2. Lyle McDonnald – researcher and scientist.
  3. Bret Contreres – The inventor of the hip thrust Contreres is the go to guy for anything glute related!
  4. Menno Henselman – really  great blog and knowledgeable guy.
  5. Sohee Lee – Layne Nortons right hand girl


  1.  Danny Lennon at Sigma nutrition. I love podcasts and audio books and Danny Lennon on the sigma nutrition radio podcast is one of the best. His stuff is pretty geeky but even if you don’t think you will understand anything by the podcast title Danny makes it really easy to digest by asking all the right questions and summarising everything perfectly
  2. Muscle for Life
  3. Physique Science Radio
  4. Ben Coomber Radio

You Tube

Whitney Simmons is entertaining and has some great workout ideas for anyone looking for a routine that evening for the gym.

Instagram Videos

Linn Lowes and Denice Moiberg are great to follow on Instagram if you want to mix up some of your exercises. They have all the ideas for glute exercises!


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