Why gym classes suck…

If you have been going to gym classes for a while you will have realised that progress is a thing of the past and the plateau effect is real. The problem is that realistically there are only so many reps you can pump out and so many burpees you will be able to do in a minute. You’ll find that you can only use the same weights or find it hard to progress onto heavier weights.

Strength training with an emphasis on getting stronger will do much more for you than endless amounts of classes and cardio will do.

Even when it comes to strength training it can be hard to break through plateaus but the difference is there are always ways to break through them. The great thing about strength training is that what you are doing is measurable and with a good coach you can figure out a way to progress. Classes have also given the wrong misconception to people that cardio and exhausting yourself to the max is the way to lose weight and to “be fit”.   For one weight training will give you good cardiovascular health and building muscle will do more for you in the long run, especially as we get older. Think of it as a long term investment. Invest in learning to lift weights. Make it a priority, hire someone to help you. It is a skill that will last you for years ahead and a journey you won’t regret embarking on!

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