Why Personal Fitness Coach is the best money you will ever spend

Have you ever thought about getting a PT but not really understood what they do and how they can help you?

If you have aesthetic goals then weight training and specifically with a barbell is the best way to go. When people say they want to “tone up” all they really mean is that they want to build muscle and potentially lose some fat. Yes there are other ways to build muscle but most of us don’t want to spend hours in the gym everyday doing gruelling workouts wondering if they are going to see any results. Thus, Barbell training with a sprinkle of body part specific extras (ie. emphasis on a peachy bum) is the best way to train. Sounds simple right? The basic fundamentals are simple but to action this isn’t quite as easy. *Enter Personal Trainer*

Good Form for Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press and Overhead Press is essential. They are complicated movements and even elite powerlifters are still perfecting their form. Doing these movements incorrectly can cause injury but more importantly won’t have the desired result 😉 Pulling up the weight on a deadlift with your back won’t get you a peachy bum and defined hammies plus there’s only so far you can go with bad form.

Good Programming. This will look different for everyone. A beginner programme should emphasise on learning movement patterns. Push, pull, hinge, squat, bridge and lateral rotary. There are many variations of the barbell movements I listed above that can A. Give you a great workout (and you will still see progress with) and B. Help you master the big lifts so you can continue your journey into unlimited progress.

More intermediate lifters will plateau. Although strength gains are not linear. There will be a time that you simply can not break past a certain weight. There are numerous ways to structure your sets and reps to push past. Plus there are many life factors that can have a big impact. Diet, sleep etc. Click here for a more in depth article if you want to dig deeper.

The last thing and just as important as the former. Coaches keep you accountable. They keep you focused. It’s easy when you train yourself to get distracted by this workout and that workout but if you keep flipping in between programmes and not building on what you already have then progress will be slower. It’s also easy to skip some sets and reps but when you have a coach you are much less inclined to do so.

So there you have it. Get yourself a coach that doesn’t just beast you in the gym but actually knows what they are talking about. Coaches come in all different shapes and sizes and all have their niche. Do some research and find one that fits you, your goals and understands your lifestyle. Remember that good athletes don’t necessarily make good coaches so don’t be blinded by the abs! Just because they did it themselves it doesn’t mean they know how they did it! I personally believe everyone needs a coach. Coaches need coaches! The bottom line is invest in yourself. It’s money you will never regret spending.

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