Abs Roll Out

I never thought I would be able to do a roll out. When I started the gym I could barley hold a plank without looking like a 🍌😄. I normally like to do these with an ab wheel but there where none available so I did them with a barbell. It’s harder like this because there is more resistance


Mobility for Squats & good form

Last night I practiced heavy squats for lower reps for the first time in a long time. It’s taken me a really long time to get my form to an acceptable level. I have very bad dorsiflexsion (ankle mobility). I have to squat with lifting shoes on as they have a small heel which helps bring my knees forward when I squat. If you are having problems with your form then check out Squats University. It’s really hard sometimes to know what exactly is causing you issues but at squats university they break it down really well.

Squat Rack Full Body Circuit

This is the circuit day from the training program i am doing from the Australian Strength Coach and Hattie Boydle. Click here to get the program. It’s lower body focused with 3 strength days and 2 circuit days. You can see my really dodgy push ups at the end! haha!!

Try this 3-5 times.

12 x Reverse Lunges (each leg) (I swapped the walking lunges for reverse lunges to save time)

12 x Romanian Dead Lifts

12 x Glute Bridges

12 x Supinated Grip Rows

12 x Push Ups.